How to order prints ?

All of our pictures are available for prints, framed prints, canvas, dibound.. In any size you want.

For info and prices you can send us a screenshot of the image you would like and also the size you prefer.

All info and orders :

How to License pictures ? 

You can find a large selection of our animal pictures on our Facebook and Instagram page :

• Click for Facebook

• Click for Instagram

Just send an email to with a link or screenshot

from the image(s) as well as a description of the intended usage and we will get

back to you with an offer. Let us know if you want to have the using rights, or total

rights of the image, and also if you want to use it for web, print or both.

Pictures from our Library 

These pictures in our galleries are just a small selection and presentation of what we have available.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, just contact us and tell us what you need regarding pet pictures. 

You can also hire us for a specialized photo session that fits

your projects and needs.

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